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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Help Combat Childhood Obesity in the Bay Area

This post is brought to you by Reset Wellness.

Meet 555 lb, 14 year old, Alexander Draper. 

His mother, Jerri Gray, was charged with criminal neglect for letting him gain too much weight. Alexander was soon placed in foster care and stripped away from his mother, as she faced her looming trial (2 felonies, 15 years, $50,000 bond). During her trial, she claimed that she didn't have the education to help him live a healthy lifestyle nor the finances to put him in the recommended weight loss program. 

Reset Wellness, a San Francisco Bay Area Non-Profit, has established a program that focuses on providing obesity intervention tools and academic enrichment to underprivileged children in U.S. Later this year, Reset Wellness will be opening a child wellness center to expand their community reach and they need your help. “Alexander Draper’s situation is all too common. There’s a fine line between neglect and miseducation,” states Reset Wellness founder Jamal Williams. “As a nonprofit, we’ve come up with a program that educates families on healthy lifestyles and holds them accountable.”

Currently, there are no one-stop shops, in the East Bay area, that tackle child wellness and academics in a practical, economically accessible way. The child wellness center will be the first of its kind and will feature hydraulic strength training circuits, vertical community gardens, technology smart academic classrooms, a childproof kitchen, and health counseling for families.
Donations to fund the $100,000 center start at $5, are tax deductible, and all donors will receive access to exclusive events, customized rewards from Nike, Specialized Bicycles, and more. Jamal concludes, “We’ve all heard the statistics, been alarmed by their severity, and know a child struggling with weight. However, our emotion is rarely combined with action. Donate and spread the word if you are able.Your help will improve the life of countless families.” 

This post is sponsored by Reset Wellness.

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