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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Link Love - What I'm Reading

I've got a slew of random links for you read in your spare time. Please visit these wonderful websites - they have so much to offer!

Visiting San Francisco with Kids: 10 experiences that will get you off the beaten path - by Travel Savvy Mom (these are great experiences even if you live in the Bay Area).

How travel helps kids - from the blog Ireland with Kids

Chestnut picking - with a Little Yumminess

Review of Dangerous Instincts by my friend and colleague Jennifer Margulis. You'll recall we had a Q and A with the author Mary Ellen O'Toole recently. I'm still reading the book (and will publish something in a Book Club post) but Jennifer does an excellent job in gleaning lessons from the book and bringing in real life examples.

Family Travel World Tour of the Web - thank you Travel Mamas for including Frisco Kids!

Stuff my kids like to do on planes (besides kicking your seats) - good for a laugh from Travel Savvy Mom

Anyone try the new Melt restaurant in North Beach? Grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum!

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