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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Deals of the Day: Oprah Magazine, Magic School Bus Science Club, Parents Mag, ice skating, Wisnom's Hardware, Cake Bites, Restaurant.com

If you love the Magic School Bus, you'll love their science club. Each month, your kid will get a kit with new hands-on experiments, like making a submarine dive, creating a volcanic eruption and recreating fossils. Membership is usually $240/year, but you can get it on Groupon for $120. It's not on the regular Groupon site - exclusive to us (and a few others). Get the deal here. (note - for those who tried the link earlier when it wasn't working, it's fixed. Not sure what happened, but Groupon sent a new link to me).

It's not very often a discounted Oprah Magazine comes along. I know this because I get a LOT of magazines and I track this one. Groupon has it now for $10 ($28 value), for a one year subscription. You can buy for yourself and two as gifts.

If you're new to Groupon, get the deal here. You'll have to dig a little to find it. Get there by clicking on the city that comes up at the top. - go to the Central Jersey page, under "N" for New Jersey.

If you're already a Groupon member, get the deal here. You'll have to dig a little to find it - it's on the Central Jersey page. Get there by clicking on the city that comes up at the top (which will be North Jersey). You'll find Central Jersey just above North Jersey.

I just purchased this - get a dozen cake bites for $21 - including shipping at Juice in the City. And use the code HOLIDAY101 and get an additional $10 off, so it will only cost you $11. (you can only use the code once this week)

Get 50% off admission and skate rentals for 3 people at Redwood City's Holiday Skating Rink at Juice in the City. You'll pay $15 for 3.

This San Mateo hardware store is a gem - got many a thing here (not just hardware, but housewares, mailboxes, knobs, etc. too). Get $50 in hardware and stuff for $25 at Juice in the City. Use code HOLIDAY101 if you haven't used it this week already, and get an additional $10 off.

One more magazine - get a subscription to Parents for $7 for two years at KGB Deals. Unfortunately I think they make you log in to see it, which totally sucks.

Get $25 restaurant.com gift certificates for $3 using code TRAVEL at checkout, through November 20.

Lots of the deals from yesterday are still valid, including the Global Winter Wonderland in Santa Clara, Smuin Ballet, San Francisco Chocolate, catered meal in Marin, holiday wreaths/centerpieces/garlands, Calibeef.com, letters from Santa (now there's a call from Santa too).

You support Frisco Kids by purchasing from these links.

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