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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Club: Bossypants, With Friends Like These, Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

Bossypants by Tina Fey - Okay, I'm going to make this short because I'm sure you've already heard all about this book. You've probably read Confessions of a Juggler in the New Yorker (hilarious) and the Mother's Prayer for its Daughter, which made its way around the internet (even my parents sent it to me). Those were all in the book, along with all kinds of gems about how she didn't go to camp "as I was neither underprivileged nor Jewish nor extremely Christian, nor obese," what it's like to get a manicure "sit in an enclosed space full of fumes and hold hands with a stranger for 20 minutes while everyone around you speaks a language you don't understand." Recall her brilliance as Sarah Palin (complete with the script). And my favorite chapter: There's a Drunk Midget in Your House, when she talks about breastfeeding versus formula "I had an obligation to my baby to pretend to try." There's just too much good stuff in this chapter to quote. And if you're curious whose hands/arms those are, all is revealed here.

With Friends Like These - by Sally Koslow. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Sally Koslow's books, including The Late, Lamented Molly Marx and Little Pink Slips.
I started reading them because I interned under Sally when she was an editor at Woman's Day and I was in college. Sadly, she doesn't remember me (I know because I ran into her at a conference and told her who I was). She was very friendly and gracious, but I know she had no clue! Anyway, the book follows four friends from their first meeting as roommates in NYC, until they are in the stage of life we're in now - with kids. And all that happens in between. It follows the difficult times we can have as friends, trying to make our marriages work, trying to figure out what's best for our kids (and how to pay for it), and figuring out what's best for us. The book was engrossing and thoroughly enjoyable.

I don't usually read romance novels (or even romance memoirs), but I this caught my eye as I was walking out of the library last week, and I ended up checking it out. The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels is the love story between Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) and her husband (the Marlboro Man). Prior to reading the book, I'd only been on her website/blog once - though I'd heard a lot about it. For bloggers, she's quite the person to aspire to, since she's made a ton of money from her blogging (unlike the rest of us, who don't). She's gotten book deals (like this one, and also cookbooks) from it, and she's able to provide quite a nice income to her family from it.

For those who don't know her, she was born to a country club family in Oklahoma, and she went to college and spent a few years in Los Angeles. After breaking up with her surfer dude boyfriend, she went back home to regroup before moving to Chicago. That never happened because she met the Marlboro Man, a cowboy rancher, and fell in love. The book tells this tale. It's a quick read and I easily fell in love with her husband. Yes, I know he's taken (and I'm married), and I have no interest in spending my life on a ranch in Oklahoma, so no worries there. She's a good writer, which shows because the book is very repetitious (I can't count how many times she was weak in the knees at the Marlboro Man's muscular embrace, and how their legs were intertwined so there was no space in between them, and how his gravely voice and chuckle made her just die inside, and how they made out for hours on every page). Somehow, that would all bother me in another book, but as a testament to her writing and story, it worked.

What books have you read lately?

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