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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sponsored Deals of the Day: Mixed Martial Arts, Magic School Bus

Two fun Juice in the City deals today - one for Marin, and one for SF.

Try a new exercise this month - I just did! I went to Bikram yoga class, part of a deal I got on a deal-buying website. I have 9 more classes to go to see if this is my new favorite exercise, or just something I tried and decided against later. So - Juice in the City is offering a month of mixed martial arts in Corte Madera, plus a pair of boxing gloves, for $49. This deal is not for the kids! It's for you. Only 50 available, so if you're interested, sign up now. It's on the North Bay page.

The other one IS for kids - and adults. See the Bay Area Children's Theater version of the Magic School Bus Live, the Climate Challenge, for $17 (one adult, one kid ticket).  The show runs October 1-23, weekends (various times). You can buy two deals for yourself, plus one as a gift. Buy through Tuesday. It's on the  midpeninsula/South Bay page, which is odd since the show is in Berkeley, and it's not on the East Bay page. Go figure. Buy your tickets here.

Frisco Kids is a Juice in the City affiliate and makes a small percentage of sales using the links above (except the martial arts one - we make nothing off that because it's a "juicy deal."

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