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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Deal of the Day: Jelly Belly Factory Tour

If you know me, you know I love factory tours. I did a Jelly Belly Factory Tour some time back, but always wanted to do the more extensive tour where you actually get to go onto the floor. Well now's my chance! The Jelly Belly factory is offering half off its Jelly Belly University 60-90 minute tour through Groupon. With this tour, you get a private tour, going on the floor and getting to eat just-made jelly bellies, while meeting the candy makers. And you get a t-shirt.

You can choose from two options:
$23 - a ticket for one person (including service fees)
$80 - tickets for a family of four

If you're new to Groupon, buy the deal here.
If you're already a Groupon user, get the deal here.
Buy through Monday.

If you're a Jelly Belly fan, here are a few links you should read:

Candy Man documentary review - here's the story of how founder David Klein made Jelly Bellies, how he grew the company, and then lost it.

Review of the regular Jelly Belly tour

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  1. David Klein here....After much anticipation our new David's Signature jelly beans will be released within two weeks. There will be flavors that have never been attempted before and the product is made only from natural flavors.