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Friday, July 1, 2011

Sponsored Deal of the Day: Personalized Story Books

When my kids were younger, they each got a personalized book from their grandmother. Even though they've outgrown the themes (fairies and Dora), they still treasure the books because their names and pictures are in them.

So you can see why I love today's deal from Juice in the City - a personalized photo storybook by Flattenme (the name reminds me of all our Flat Stanley projects!). The company was started by a Bay Area mom with 4 kids. For $14, you get a hard cover book personalized for the child you order it for. You can choose from 8 different stories. The books have won a slew of awards (like Toy of the Year finalist), and was featured in Oprah's Holiday Gift Guide. 'Nuff said?

Oh - don't think too quickly if you're interested - there's a limited number available (175) and the deal only runs through Saturday. Click here if interested.

This post is sponsored by Juice in the City, an affiliate of Frisco Kids. Any purchases made using this link will benefit Frisco Kids and pay for the site (and costs you nothing extra).

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