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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deals of the Day: CuriOdyssey, Seussical the Musical, July 4 at Shoreline, USS Hornet

Some deals for you today:

You might know CuriOdyssey as Coyote Point (I know I do). I've spent many hours, Toddler Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Thursdays with my kids at this great ecomuseum. They have animal shows, a butterfly garden (which is very peaceful), animal exhibits, changing exhibits, story time and more. It's in San Mateo, with acres of wooded parkland surrounding it (and the bay). Plus there's a fabulous nearby Magic Mountain playground. Groupon is offering $2 child's admission tickets for the next three days.

If you're new to Groupon, get the deal here.
If you're already a Groupon user, get the deal here.

I love this show! The tunes are so catchy and my kids hate it when I sing it. So I do it all the time. The Berkeley Playhouse is featuring the musical now, and you can get half price tickets on Groupon, starting at $15. Buy through Friday. The shows aren't until July and August - choose your weekend dates/times.

Groupon s a great deal on the fabulous aircraft carrier museum in Alameda. We went there with my dad, who loves this stuff. Even the kids had fun. Take a tour and go to the lookout tower. Ride the platform elevator that is so big it transports planes between decks. See a model of the Apollo 11 command module Columbia, that the first astronauts to walk on the moon, came back to earth in. The USS Hornet picked them up and had astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins in  in, and was recovered from th USS Hornet and put in quarantine (you can see the quarantine trailer). If that's not enough, there are all kinds of helicopters, airplanes, a simulator ride (extra fee), and you can tour the living quarters. This would be a great Father's Day activity.

The deal: get 2 admissions for $15 (a $30 value). Use by December 31, 2011. You can buy several to use during the same visit.

If you're new to Groupon, get the deal here - on the San Francisco page.
If you're already a Groupon user, get the deal here.

When I lived in Mountain View, I lived on Shoreline Blvd, and could watch the July 4 fireworks from the front steps. Granted, I couldn't hear the San Francisco Symphony playing at the same time, but I had a newborn, so it was okay. But now I'd love to go in person. The Symphony plays each July 4, and you can get half priced tickets on Groupon - only $20 each. You can buy 8 of them - so bring your friends!

If you're new to Groupon, get the deal here - on the San Francisco page.
If you're already a Groupon user, get the deal here.

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