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Monday, December 13, 2010

Deals of the Day: Economist, Redbox, Kiva loans, Restaurant.com, Snapfish, Amazon

The Deals of the Day:

My husband likes to joke (though it's true) that I order 15 magazine subscriptions a year, and pay something like $5-10 a subscription. I have huge stacks of unread magazines in my house. He gets one subscription a year - the Economist - and it costs double what I spend on ALL my magazines put together. And he reads his religiously every week. To the point where when we're traveling, if he isn't home to get his magazine, he buys an Economist.

Today on Groupon you can get an Economist subscription - 51 issues (one/week) for $51 (value: $127). That is a GREAT deal as it's rarely discounted (I know because I'm always searching for deals when his subscription is up). You can buy one for yourself and multiple as gifts, but the shipping address and email address of recipients is required at checkout, which means I can't hold on to it and use it to renew my hubby's subscription at some later date. Bummer. The deal is good today only.

If you are new to Groupon, you can get the deal here.
If you are an existing Groupon user, click here.

Microloans have been booming in recent years. These are small loans given to entrepreneurs usually in third-world countries. They use these loans for their businesses and have a very high rate of payback. You can get $25 to use on a Kiva loan, for $15 on Groupon. Look on the San Francisco page under the Holiday Gift Store. I bought one of these and look forward to

If you are new to Groupon, you can get the Kiva loan here.
If you are an existing Groupon user, click here.

Today and Tuesday you can get three calendars for the price of one (12x12" square calendars). Use code MERRY1215 at checkout.

Through Thursday, you can get a $25 restaurant.com certificate for $3. Use code GIVE. Click here or use the ad on the ride side of Frisco Kids.

If you're purchasing through Amazon, please use the Frisco Kids search box on the top right side of the webpage. It costs you nothing and helps support the site.

Last, you can 3 Redbox movie rentals for $1 through Tuesday night on Groupon. You have until mid-March, 2011 to use them. Get the deal here.

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