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Monday, November 8, 2010

Deals of the Day: Stroller Umbrella, Jigsaw Java in RWC, Lucky Dogs in SF, art class

Umbrella for Stroller
I wish this product were around when my kids used strollers. It gives new meaning to the term "umbrella stroller." It's an umbrella that has a clamp to attach it to a stroller, so you can push the kid without having to try to manage the umbrella too. Today, you can get "My Blue Bumbershoot Stoller Umbrella" for $29 (value $50). You pay extra for shipping. This is an "Everywhere" deal meaning it should appear on the website when you click this link. The deal expires tonight.
I hadn't heard of this place before, but it sounds fabulous! Jigsaw Java in Redwood City is a puzzle store and activity center, and they also sell...yes - coffee! You can bring your own puzzle, use one of theirs or buy one...and sit for hours and work on it. They'll even store your puzzle until your next visit if you want. Great rainy day activity! Plum District Deals is offering a $10 coupon ($20 value) for the next four days. The coupon is transferable (i.e. can be used as a gift). Use coupon by next November (2011).

Plum District has a lot of great offers today. If you and/or your kids like hot dogs and sausages, Lucky Dogs in San Francisco's Marina district (on Filbert Street) has a deal today - $10 for $20 worth of gourmet sausages and dogs. You can buy three vouchers, but use only one per transaction. Tax is included. Use by May 5, 2011. Buy at Plum District today.

Juice in the City is offering a one hour art class at Hidden Talent Art Studio in San Jose for $10 ($20 value). One per person, expires in one year. They can be used for classes, or these special holiday events:

Fall Family Art Day Event: $10 per person
Sunday November 14th, 11:00am-2:00pm
Projects: A 3-D sculpture of a turkey! Fall Leaves stamp painting with oil pastel details on colorful paper!
Winter Family Art Day Event: $10 per person
Sunday December 5th, 11:00am-2:00pm
Projects: A 3-D Model Magic snowman sculpture or ornament! Oil Pastel and chalk pastel drawing of a beautiful winter scene!

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  1. Umbrella Stroller GENIUS!!!! i really could have used one this weekend :)
    Looking for indoor activities with the kids? check out red tricycle