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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get 'Yer Tickets - Ringling Brothers Circus

The annual Ringling Brothers Circus is heading into town. It's a fun show with animals, acrobatics, clowns and more. Tickets run $15-105 plus fees (about $15 per ticket plus possible delivery/pick-up fees). We've had both nosebleed seats and 10th row seats - they're all fine (plus you can move down when you see some better seats, if you can sneak past the usher - shhhh!).

If you go, make sure to arrive an hour before the show. You can see the animals outside, plus there's a show inside and you can get up-close to the performers - on the actual stage.

Whenever I mention the Ringling Brothers Circus, I state this. There is controversy over whether the circus treats its animals well. Certain organiations that are well-known for their activism on this cause will most likely email me (yet again) in a threatening tone, urging me to post links to vidoes of the alleged animal abuse. I will not post these links. I will also not make a decision for you whether you want to go to the circus or not - but will provide the details so you can make your own decision.

If you would like more information on the alleged abuses, just Google "circus animal abuse" and you'll get enough links to keep you busy for awhile. If you want Ringling's take on their care of animals, you can go to their website, and they talk about care of their animals. If you go to the circus, you will likely see protesters outside (at least in San Jose), so you can prepare for that when your kids start asking questions.

As for discounts, Travelzoo has a discount now, with tickets running $7.50 (upper deck) and $12.50 (lower deck (plus fees of $5-8.50). The ticket prices are half-off. Use the code TRAVELZOO when booking Ticketmaster. Also know for the future, that your child can get a free ticket for his/her first circus. Details here. Ringling offers a discount to military personnel also - check here.

Shows are at:
Oakland Arena - August 11-15, 2010
HP Pavillion - August 18-22, 2010

Get tickets here.

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  1. Did you see what a former Ringling elephant trainer had to say?