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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fish Aquarium Birthday Cake

For Dori's birthday, she wanted a fish cake. No, not a breaded, fried piece of fish, but a birthday cake shaped like a fish. So I dug up lots of photos of fish birthday cakes, aquarium cakes, fondant frosting on cakes, cakes shaped like angel fish and decorated with M and Ms...and then she said "I don't need to look at any pictures - I'll show you what I want." And she drew a picture of her new goldfish - Big Eye.

And we set off to recreate the fish in Duncan Hines fashion. It was a piece of cake...

We used two cake mixes and baked them in a roasting pan. After it cooled off, I cut it into a fish shape (and ate the remainders). I made frosting for the first time ever (it wasn't even hard!) and Dori used food coloring to make the colors she wanted. We frosted. She made the eye with an M and M and a little bit of food color gel, and used red licorice for the mouth. She covered the tail in orange sugar crystals (after frosting it). And she made bubbles with mini cupcakes frosted in  blue. She refused to let me write anything like "happy birthday" on the fish. And she was THRILLED.

What do you think?

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