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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Deal of the Day - Photo Session for $35 - includes CD

Here's our deal of the deal - from Groupon.

Get a one hour photo session, which includes a CD of 15 digitally enhanced images. You can use that CD to print your own pictures. But if you want to have them order prints, you get a 25% discount. The studio is This is iT Photography, in Santa Clara. Not sure what's up with the letter cases in iT (that's them, not us).

Fine print: the session is indoors. You can upgrade the session from 1 hour to 3, and make it outdoors, by later paying an additional fee. The coupon is good for one year.

The photo session is normally $400 - and the CD is $225. Buy this deal from Groupon the package is $35. Tha's cheaper than a session/photos at the Picture People. That's where they insisted my infant daughter sit on a rocking horse, even though I said she'd fall off. And she fell off. And that was the end of our photo session, and the last time I went to the Picture People.

Note - when you click on Groupon, it may pull up the San Francisco page. Just go to the top, and look for "Visit more cities" and click on that - then pull up San Jose. It's on that page. This is a one day deal - so buy quickly!

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