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Friday, January 29, 2010

Deal of the Day - $158 for a night at the Fairmont

Call the grandparents and book your one night Staycation at the Fairmont in SF. Valentine's Day. Anniversary. Birthday. Groupon is offering a room there before April 10, 2010 for $158 (taxes included!)- but you have to buy the voucher this weekend.

You'll get a view of the city, and be in walking distance of the Tonga Room. This was my favorite bar as a young, single gal. They have tropical drinks and the room sports a pool in the middle. Only you can't swim there. Instead, a Polynesian band plays, and every 15 minutes, it "rains" around the pool. Totally campy. Totally fun.

Read the fine print - there are a few restrictions. You need to book 72 hours in advance, and use the coupon by April 10th. Blackout dates include 2/19, 2/27, 4/16 and 4/17. But Valentine's Day is wide open!

If you don't want to use it for you, use it for family members coming in town to visit. Your place is too small for them, right??

Get your voucher here.

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