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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trapeze Class in Oakland for $25

When I was in Club Med, I tried the trapeze. It wasn't a pretty sight for anyone watching, but it was a thrill to do. You might have seen the trapeze episode on Sex in the City - and thought "I want to do that."

Well now's your chance. Trapze Arts in Oakland is one of the country's only circus schools, and they're offering $25 class coupons today on Groupon. Classes are normally $40 for the 90 minute program. You need to purchase the coupon today, good through April, 2010. They allow 2 Groupon coupons per class (8 in a class), so you should schedule in advance.
This would be a fun holiday gift to share with your spouse!
To get your coupon, click here.


  1. I would like to give my daughter a birthday party where she and a few friends could fly on and learn about Trapeze. Does such a place exist?

  2. Did you check out Trapeze Arts in Oakland? http://www.trapezearts.com/ Maybe you could book a private class.