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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Review: Let's Go Chipper - and Win Some Great Stuff!

I’m always on the lookout for innovative kids’ products, especially ones that promote the environment. So I loved the Let’s Go Chipper series, founded by Corte Madera mom Stephanie Rach-Wilson.

Stephanie’s company, IAG Media (as in It’s All Good Media) offers a slew of Chipper products, from CDs and DVDs, to sunblock and t-shirts, to books and travel products. She has two other lines as well (Luna and James K). They’re created with minimal packaging and soy-based ink. What’s even better is that my kids loved them too.

We sat down together to watch the DVD Let’s Go Chipper: Into the Great Outdoors featuring a chipmunk family that goes camping for the first time. Spoiler alert: Little Chipper gets lost, but finds his way back to his parents, learning some valuable lessons and singing fun songs (like the one about s’mores). At the end, there’s a montage of nature animal photos accompanied my music, that could be really tacky, but was done quite well.

The songs in the DVD (and accompanying CD) are catchy and cute, and my kids play the CD at breakfast every day. Their favorite? I’m Dreaming this Blue Planet Green, a new-agey song that Dori memorized (to hear it, click here and then click on the cloud picture)

The kids also enjoyed the books Out to the Sea with Sally, about a salmon spawning. Mark and I learned a few things from it too. Did you know that a salmon ready to go on a journey to the ocean is called a “smolt?” And these fish go through a process called “smoltification” and they're “anadramous” which means they go from fresh water to saltwater. In spite of these big words (that mom and dad tripped up on), the kids loved the book, which is wonderfully illustrated and has some activity and coloring pages in the back.

Stephanie’s book Beyond the Moon with Luna was written after telling her daughter the same story as in the book - a supporting "you go girl" story about taking the leap (leading off from the cow jumping over the moon). Her daughter was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome just as the book was published, and some proceeds from the book are donated to raise awareness for Turner Syndrome.

Take a look at the products, which won awards from iParenting media.

Frisco Kids and IAG is sponsoring a give-away. To win, you have to follow these rules. Winners will be chosen randomly. You get a second chance to win if you post this on another blog (but you have to tell me about it).

1. Let me know what product you want.

2. Make sure I get your email address. Either leave it in your blog comment, or email me the blog comment plus your email address to blog@friscokids.net. No email address, no way to contact you if you win!

3. You must leave a blog comment (even if you email me). Not just any comment, but…tell one fun thing you plan to do on EARTH DAY (4/22/09).

Win one of four items:

Let's Go Chipper: Into the Great Outdoors Activity Set (DVD, CD, story, sing-along book, activity book) - $25 value

Beyond the Moon with Luna (book) - $15 value

All Together Now Read-Along, Sing-Along, Book & CD by James K – $24.95 value

Chipper Sun Block Stick - 30 SPF - $10 value

Contest ends Sunday, April 12th at midnight PST. Post your comment by then!


  1. We can't wait to meet Chipper! We're planning lots of outdoor outings and camping this summer. Chipper will be the special friend to teach our little guy the ways of the great outdoors. (We're hoping to win Chipper's Into the Outdoors Activity Set).
    Our family is spending the day at the Marine Science Institute's Earth Day on the Bay in Redwood City. We went last year and had a blast!

  2. Heather said... I really would like either the Let's Go Chipper set or the All together Now book and CD. For Earth Day we will plant seeds in pots and take my 10-year-old grandson to see the movie, Earth.