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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Review: Bebe Fiore organic bamboo/cotton clothing

Organic food is all the rage, but now dressing Baby in organics is following suit. You might know bamboo for its fast-growing powers, and even for sustainable flooring. But bamboo is quickly becoming the hot fabric for organic clothing as well. Hey, we even own bamboo sheets. They’re softer and warmer than flannel, which has made me a bamboo believer.

So I took a look at the new line of organic bamboo/cotton baby clothes from Bebe Fiore. They’re brought to you by the Calibowl people – they’re in the Bay Area!

We got these two cute items to check out, which almost made want to have another baby (Mark said no). So we had to try them out on a friend’s baby. Needless to say, the baby did NOT give them back. Bummer, because I love baby clothes. Especially ones this soft.
Bebe Fiore is stressing the line is ecofriendly, and the clothes comes in a bag that is supposed to biodegrade if left uncovered in sunlight. So the bag is sitting on our table out back – science experiment! Of course the rain hasn’t helped – now the bag is just wet. But I’m waiting to see if it will indeed break into small pieces. Or if Mark will just throw it out.

Either way, the clothes will likely not biodegrade any time soon, unless our friend’s baby does a major number in them and they don’t get washed. Okay, that's probably a little too much information. I’ll stop here.

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  1. I bought this wonderful organic clothing for a friend's baby girl. It's so soft,so cute and eco friendly. Awesome baby line.